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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 12, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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intrusion. >> a lot of folks knew because of the commercial buildings. >> a lot of people packed city hall for a special meeting to find out more about what is in the air they are breathing in parts of mountain view. >> there are thank you discoveries. contamination has shown up in unexpected areas. >> for decades people living near the old intel building and fair child semiconductor factory knew a toxic plume had contaminated some of their ground water with tce. tce can cause cancer and birth defects. the epa has been monitoring and remediating the contaminant. but in november, random testing found high levels of tce just west of the plumes designated border. it is on google property and avondale avenue. >> if it moves, that's a
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concern. >> reporter: he lives in a new development on avondale, and he wants his home tested for tce. >> they say it is cars gnaw -- carcinogenic. that's a concern. >> we should not have to get cancer to have clean indoor air. >> reporter: jane horton has lived in the toxic plume's track for decades. she said before the epa set up an air cleaning system in her home, the toxicity level was five times higher than normal. she came to tonight's meeting to fight for her neighbors. >> i believe that everybody is entitled to live over uncontaminated ground water. >> and people who live in this area can call the ep a a to have the air in their home tested. most of the time the contamination can be removed through an air filtration system. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> lisa, thanks very much.
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temperatures are expected to push into the 80s tomorrow in some spots, believe it or not. not.abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here with live doppler hd. >> beautiful, dan. when you look at live doppler 7hd, you will go, hmm, 80s? let's check it out and i will show you what it looks like. we have fog around and not just near the coast, but around the bay as well. and that is dropping visibility across parts of the bay area. look at the visibility in half moon bay, and it is down to half a mile. dense fog, give yourself extra time for that morning commute. and you can see it here from our golden gate bridge camera. it is foggy out there. the temperatures in san francisco 50 degrees, 54 san carlos and san jose, 53 in half moon bay, 48 degrees. 80s coming to parts of the bay area tomorrow and i will be back to show you where and when rain might be showing up. dan? >> thanks very much. we will see you in a few minutes. there are a lot of angry parents at a preschool in the east bay tonight, and they
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want answers. that's after a former teacher tied up a two-year-old little girl with masking tape because she wouldn't take a nap. abc7 news reporter john alston is live and sounds like the meeting got pretty heated tonight. >> they didn't get the answers they wanted. we also learned the two-year-old girl is no longer at the school and four or five other parents have also pulled their children from the center point christian school. this closed door meeting was closed at times. parents drove off in a hurry after tonight's 90-minute meeting, in no mood to stop and talk about what happened inside. some were clearly upset about what they heard or didn't hear. >> there were people who were highly frustrated, and there was raised voices, yes. >> 114 parents gathered in the sanctuary of the church where elders provided them with a letter from the state revealing the name of a former teacher accused of using masking tape to tie up a two-year-old. >> some were upset they couldn't get more information. they were.
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we realize we disappointed some by not providing more information than we were legally allowed to provide. >> she resigned in january and was the subject of a police investigation. according to a complaint with the department of social services she used masking tape to tie the ankles and the wrists of a girl who refused to take a nap. the incident occurred months ago, but came to light when the teacher showed a cell phone photo of the bound child to the girl's mother at a social gathering. >> everything we found this was an isolated incident. there is no evidence that leads us to believe there is anything else going on besides this one allegation. >> last month the preschool director resigned, but church officials would not discuss a reason. >> since the director's resignation there have been six resignations by teachers in the preschool and one in the school-age program. >> we are deeply grieved overall of it. we issued an apology to these
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families because it happened on our watch. we are responsible in the sense that this is our preschool. >> the state has substantiated the allegations against the teacher and bared her from having contact with children. police are trying to determine what, if any, crime was committed. we tried to reach the teacher several times, but have not gotten uh hold of her. uh hold of her. abc news. another story involving a teacher and young person. a morgan hl preschool teacher is accused of trying to feed sleeping pills to toddlers. police arrested 59-year-old deborah graat for felony child endangerment yesterday. on friday somebody at the kiddie academy daycare saw her spike children's drink cups with an unknown substance. again this is morgan hill. when confronted she said it was an adult sleeping aide. administrators fired her immediately and they said none of the kids drank from the cups. and a young couple face charges after they say a two-year-old boy in their car
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was drunk and ingested drugs. 22-year-old samantha delval is the child's mother who lives with 21-year-old raymond mayberry. they say the boy's grandmother noticed the child was sick shortly after she picked him up from the couple's home. doctors say the toddler's blood alcohol level reached a life-threatening level. he had methamphetamine in his sis -- system. police are on the lookout for a man accused of sexually assaulting and robbing a woman in palo alto. this shows the suspect on saturday. police say he arranged for a personal massage at the glass slipper inn. when the masseuse arrived he pulled a knife and sexually assaulted her. police were unable to track him down with a k-9 unit. new details are coming out now about a santa clara man accused of threatening the state senator leyland ye. he is accused of e-mailing a death threat to ye because of his efforts to tighten gun
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control laws. that e-mail was unsealed by the court. the e-mail says, quote, i have 39 connish ifed kills in afghanistan. don't make me get to 40. the word afghanistan was miss steeled. misspelled. in february they found three assault weapons and detonated explosive materials found at his house. he faces 10 felony counts now. senator ye says the threats have had no impact on his efforts to take on gun issues in california. a san leandro man is suing after mistakenly being named one of oakland's most wanted criminals. in february of 2011 van was pictured as a suspect wanted for a shooting. well now he filed a lawsuit accusing the city of false arrest, defamation and violation of his civil rights. when he went to police to tell them it was a mistake, he says they threw him in jail and released him three days later and never explained how they linked him to the shooting. >> i was scared and nervous for my life that the police
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would come and hunt me down or something. after that i changed my life and moved around. >> he stayed on the most wanted list for six months. his lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount in damages. neither the oakland police nor the city attorney would comment on the case. berkeley firefighters brought a potentially catastrophic gas fire under control this afternoon. the fire ignited when a construction worker unintentionally dug into the line. it happened in a north berkeley neighborhood not far from the cal campus. you can see a truck and a house nearby were damaged. the good news here was no one was hurt. and it looks like famous berkeley restaurant will push back the reopening date. the restaurant was damaged last friday as we reported in a fire. on its website this weekend he says that all reservations were canceled through march 23rd. today it says they are canceled through the 30th. they need another week. it is still not clear what
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started the fire, but investigators believe it may have been an electrical problem. a lot more to bring you here. coming up next, catholic cardinals are moment usa way from reconvening -- moments away from reconvening at the vatican as millions of catholics wait for a sign. when you can expect the next vote for a pope. and closed and abandoned. one bay area city has had enough of land taken over by criminals. and after the melt down. are rockers green day ready to get back on stage? and on "jimmy kimmle live." >> adam driver is here and music from hail storm and kim and kortney kardashian. one of these women is pregnant.
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we could be hours away from a new pope being named. you are looking live at vatican city where it is just after 7:00 a.m. following mass, the voting
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begins in the sistene chapel in two and a half hours. the black smoke that emerged from the chimney showed no consensus. if two-thirds of the 115 cardinals can agree on a pope in the next few hours, you will see a white stream of smoke coming out of the chimney instead. the cardinals will vote up to four times a day until a pope is named. some speculate it could be three to four days. we will have to see. stay with abc7 news for the latest news from cat -- vatican city. we will break into programming when a new pope is selected. and there will be more ahead on "nightline" at 12:37. in vallejo they took a step to combat the blite and crime that has come hand in hand with the foreclosure crisis and squarely at the banks. alan wang is live at city hall to explain what just changed. alan? >> dan, vacant, foreclosed homes have been the source of an explosion of crime-related problems in this city that
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doesn't have the money or the man power to control. it now this city has a way to make these property owners accountable. the city of vallejo says police have responded to this foreclosed home numerous times. diane merrick lives across the street. >> you believe there was prostitution going on there? >> it was extremely obvious. >> no oneanced the door -- no one answered the door, but they removed squaters five times. for the past year a woman keeps breaking in and illegally renting the rooms out. >> so she is acting like the landlord? >> oh yes. she thinks it is her place. >> the city says it is dealing with six other situations just like this. merick says she and a neighbor sued the bank that owns this foreclosed home, but the cases were dismissed both times. >> the health department has been in there and the building inspector and everybody has been this. there due to the laws being what they are, it is a long,
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difficult process. >> the passing of a new ordinance forces the banks to register their foreclosed homes and maintain them or face fines and penalties. >> eventually we will abate the nuisances and then lean the property. >> vallejo's code enforcement manager says the ordinance empowers the city which has more than a thousand foreclosed homes with nearly half receiving nuisance complaints. >> we've had uh bonn -- abandoned properties burned down by squaters. we have had people break into the properties and rip out all of the copper and fixtures. >> this ordinance is being enforced in vaw knee shaw, fairfield and oakland. it takes a lot of weight off the shoulder of the city's three code enforcement officers and it gives more incentive to these banks to sell off these homes a lot quicker. reporting live in fairfield -- excuse me, in -- >> vallejo. >> in vallejo. >> i know.
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happens all the time. >> alan wang, abc news. >> you move around a lot and it is hard to keep up sometimes. thanks. new at 11:00, a simple omission is leading to a refund refund -- refund delay to thousands of tax returns, maybe yours. returns filed by h&r block may be delayed because of an error on the student tax credit. that is form 8863. in previous years they could leave a field blank to indicate no. this year they have to enter the letter "n," but h and h&r block wasn't doing that. the forms will be delayed six to eight weeks. in less than two weeks commuters in san mateo county could be driving through the devil slide tunnels. cal trans set a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate. drivers are expected to be allowed through the twin tunnels either that day or perhaps the next morning. we are thought sure. the $439 million project began eight years ago to improve traffic between pacifica and monterra. now finally almost finished.
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new at 11:00, green day is back on the road and ready for its delayed tour. billy armstrong is out of rehab which he entered after a melt down on stage, this one. they have one gig under its belt. they rocked a crowd in southern california and even dipped into classics like "basket case." green day will play at the greek theater on april 16th. now let's go back and talk about the weather which is spectacular. spring is still a few days away. sandhya patel and is here with the forecast. >> we sure are. it got up to 75 in santa rosa and 78 this cloverdale. 75 in livermore and concord it was up to 70 in san jose, redwood city. oakland 68, san francisco, 65. you know where the fog was sitting? temperatures were cool. half moon bay only 53 degrees. i want to show you a beautiful shot right now this. is the comet pan stars sent by a
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viewer. this was sent to my facebook page by steven c. you can see the comet right there. if you didn't get a chance to check it out. you are getting a chance now. i want to show you our beautiful view from our camera of the setting sun which was at 7:14. we did have the high clouds. could have possibly interfered with some of you trying to get a shot of the comet but obviously steven succeeded. we have some fog around novato and the visibility is down to a quarter of a mile. it is dense. as you look at this view from our high definition emeryville camera, you can see san francisco and you can see the sutro tower. we are expecting the pockets of dense fog, especially along the coastline tonight and tomorrow morning. the temperatures right now santa rosa 47 and most other areas in the 50s and here is a look at what is coming. areas of dense fog and 80s inland tomorrow. that's warm by interest wither standards. cooler as we head into the weekend. here is what will bring us the
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warmth. the area of high pressure is moving closer to the bay area. it will allow the temperatures to rise well up to the low 80s in the inland communities. the coastal areas will be in the low 60s still. the dry pattern will hold through the weekend, but not much longer than that. if the computer models are right, you could see rain by wednesday of next week. tomorrow morning you will watch out for the fog along the coast and even parts of the bay. temperatures in the low 40s to the low 50s. the fog will be dense fog the morning drive. at 5:00 a.m. rchtion, you will see where it is located it will pull away and then sit near parts of the coastline. near 80 degrees in the warmest spots inland. 78 in san jose. 80 degrees for new los gatos. occasional high clouds and plenty of sun. 75 in palo alto. 60 degrees on the coast in pacifica. downtown san francisco, flirting with 70 degrees. 68 there daily city. north bay communities and many 70s showing up.
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76 in santa rosa and 75 sonoma. east bay 72 degrees and warmer than average conditions. 72 san leandro. up to 80 in livermore and brentwood, 77 and walnut creek. here is a look at my seven-day forecast. after the low 80s tomorrow get ready for the numbers to drop. slowly but surely back to the 70s by st. patrick's day. mid70s inland and upper 50s coast side. you will notice by tuesday it is back to reality check. upper 60s in our warmest inland communities. wednesday, mark your calendars, you may need the umbrellas. jay it is still beyond our accu-weather forecast. >> thanks very much. larry beil is here and big news from the raider scries this is a little surprising -- this is a little surprising. the silver and black is cutting ties with the past and waiving goodbye to a fare of first round pi
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>> on the first day of 2013, they could make trades and they made a couple of moves really breaking from the past. they had a couple of al davis draft picks. darius hayward-bey released. he had 41 catches and scored five td's, but never the all pro receiver the raiders thought they were drafting. and shown the door, michael hough. he actually played well last season and spent time at corner and safety, but after seven years his silver and black days are over as well. the 49ers formerly sent alex smith to kc and acquired anquan boldin, but they lose walker and supouonga. walker was the back up tightened behind vernon davis. you can't pay the back up that much. nose tackle sopounga leaving after nine years.
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the university of hawaii alum will sign with the eagles three years and $12 million. they could lose him and francois. the blues beat the sharks last year and beat them in overtime three nights ago. they met again tonight with similar results. brent burns making a season debut. how quick is this? trailing 2-1 and the late second period. right to chris porter who shoots and scores. blues win it 4-2. san jose and they lost four straight. round two of the world baseball classic. joe torre and team usa a step closer. the first inning and he smacks a ball that gets past the giants' outfielder pagan. he is heading for home and it is 3-0usa in the 6th. quick hands and the reflex to snare the ball. the inning ending double
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play. team usa wins it 7-1 and will face the dominican republic on thursday. in scottsdale, the real giants, tim lincecum on the hill against san diego missed two starts with blisters and mark kotsay with a swing and a miss. the former a gets retribution and an r.b.i triple down the line. timmy has three earned runs and took the loss. the padres over the giants 6-2 and the a's beat kc6-3. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> a's win. >> well, it is spring training. >> it starts it off. >> you'll take it. >> i'll take
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give yourself plenty of time in the morning. fog has become dense along the coast. we will stey first thing in the morning. 40s and 50s. mike niko here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks so much. that is this edition of abc7 news at 11:00. "jimmy kim --" jimmy jimmy
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kourtney and kim kardashian. from "girls," adam driver. and music from halestorm. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for everything, you son of a gun. let me ask, how many of you are here specifically to keep up with the kardashians tonight? [ cheers and applause ]
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very exciting. it makes the show feel like we're at the launch of a flavored vodka or something, doesn't it? [ laughter ] kim and kourtney kardashian are here, and so is kim's unborn baby, so technically tonight, we have two and a half kardashians. [ cheers and applause ] which is a show that cbs should make immediately. also tonight from "girls," adam driver is here. we have music from grammy nominated halestorm tonight. [ cheers and applause ] speaking of grammy nominees, did you hear about the fight between chris brown and frank ocean? according to multiple reports, the popular singers got into a tussle over a parking spot outside a recording studio on sunday night. the lapd says frank ocean plans to press charges against brown, who is still on probation for beating up rihanna, which means he could go to jail. chris posted a painting on instagram last night comparing himself to jesus on the cross.


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